Sim Hound Racing Shoes

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Designed for Ultimate Control and Comfort

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The Sim Hound Sim Racing Shoes have been designed to offer the perfect combination of comfort and additional support.
As Sim Racing pedals are getting more realistic with every new release and iteration. In turn, the brake pedals in particular are getting progressively stiffer. Load cell brakes and brake mods mean that it can be uncomfortable to race in socks for a long period of time. 


The sole of the Sim Hound shoe is based on popular designs often seen in Karting and Motorsport Racing shoes, the thin sole ensures you keep the feel of the pedal without too much pressure on the ball of the foot or the heel.
The Rolled heel provides easy movement and control on the pedals.
The upper of the shoe has been inspired by lightweight beach shoes, to provide incredible comfort and breathability to prevent the foot getting uncomfortably warm during even the longest races.

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