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Shifters & Handbrakes

Perfect Your Drift & Rally Setup
Handbrakes £190 - £355
Shifters £255 - £398

GT NEO Wheel .. GT Sport Wheel .. FX & FX Pro Wheel .. Alpha Mini, Alpha & Alpha U .. P1000 Hydraulic & Load Cell Pedals .. P2000 Pedals .. DS-8X Shifter .. Q1S Sequential Shifter .. TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake .. TB-1 Handbrake .. SIMAGIC Peripherals & Accessories ..

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Agile Series

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Pace Series

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Personalise Your Setup With Our Custom Powder Coated Finishes!

Make It Yours!

At Sim Hound we offer a high quality custom powder coating on all of our Sim Chassis.
We offer incredible value pre-selected paint finishes inspired by your motorsport heroes.
Or make it your own with a fully custom finish.



These gloves will keep your hands cool and energised throughout long stints of racing.

Car Magazine

Something Simhound gets very right is in the construction. The gloves have the right amount of stretch in the outer fabric providing a nice sensation of support when you’re holding on to the wheel.

For just £20, this sim racing sock set is a bargain and the perfect gift for any sim racing fanatic.

Car Magazine

Supplied my sim racing cockpit. It's a great bit of kit and was delivered as expected. Recommended for sim racing fans.

Dave C - Trustpilot

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