Sim Hound Gloves - VRC

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We are proud to present our collaboration with the sim racing community and incredible rally league platform VRC!
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Comfort for you, protection for your wheel!

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The Sim Hound sim racing gloves have been designed with comfort and grip in mind.  The back of the glove is constructed with a lightweight, breathable and elasticated fabric to ensure that your hands stay cool and comfortable till the chequered flag. The microfibre suede palm has a textured rubberised design that provides tactile grip and feedback when racing.
The wrist fastening tab has been placed on an angle opposite the thumb, to prevent any irritation or restriction that can occur with traditional, central wrist fastening tabs.
Wrist strap
The index finger has a touchscreen sensitive tip to enable the use of any touch sensitive button boxes or screens.
Touch Sensitive Finger
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